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The Report on the Decentralized Social Landscape for 2023

While the DeFi market had seen significant growth in the preceding years, the saturation of traditional DeFi models paved the way for the advent of SocialFi, signifying a new chapter in the evolution of the broader cryptocurrency market.


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  • The year 2023 marked the emergence of SocialFi projects, bridging social media and decentralized finance.
  • SocialFi initiatives responded to the DeFi market's saturation, catalyzing renewed growth and engagement in the broader cryptocurrency sphere.
  • The SocialFi platform overcomes the limitations of traditional Web2 social media platforms by emphasizing transparency, user data ownership, and enhanced engagement.
  • The burgeoning Web3 communitiwere pivotalole in propelling the SocialFi revolution, driving the demand for decentralized content sharing and empowering users with greater control over their digital assets.
  • There are a few projects that caught the attention of the audience, such as Friend.tech, Lens Protocol, and CyberConnect.

Exploring the SocialFi Revolution

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During the whirlwind of 2021 and 2022, the cryptocurrency world experienced a seismic shift with the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), altcoins, and the Metaverse. Bitcoin and Ethereum reached unprecedented peaks, while altcoins reshaped the market in unforeseen ways. 

However, 2023 ushered in a wave of groundbreaking SocialFi projects that swiftly attracted massive user growth within days.

According to the latest Statista data, the average user now spends approximately two hours and 30 minutes on social media every day. Projections indicate that this figure is expected to reach three hours by the end of 2023. 

Daily time spent on social networking by internet users worldwide from 2012 to 2023 (Source: Statista)

However, traditional social media networks often fail to deliver substantial value to end-users. While individuals utilize these platforms to stay connected with friends, stay informed about current events, and follow their favorite brands or influencers, SocialFi projects strive to redefine these interactions. But what exactly are SocialFi projects?

The Fusion of Social Media and Decentralized Finance

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SocialFi combines Social Media and Decentralized Finance, ushering in a novel era of Web 3.0 platforms that revolutionize the ownership, creation, and management of social media profiles and user-generated content. At its core, SocialFi is centered around content creators and influencers who seek enhanced control over their personal data, freedom of speech, and access to advanced monetization tools.

The year 2023 witnessed the emergence of various SocialFi projects, spearheaded by the likes of Friend Tech, which garnered substantial attention. Notably, Friend.tech, a decentralized social media platform hosted on Coinbase’s layer-2 protocol Base, achieved remarkable milestones since its launch in August 2023. Despite concerns about its revenue model, the platform's revenue soared to over $20 million on Oct. 10, with over 10.75 million cumulative transactions

Moreover, the Decentralized Social Media (DeSo) application Stars Arena made significant strides, driving a surge in activity on Avalanche’s C-Chain network. The resulting uptick in network activity also propelled the price of the network’s native AVAX token, which recorded an over 8% increase in a few days.

Amidst this surge, SocialFi experienced noteworthy growth, particularly in East Asia and India. Projects such as XCAD Network, Avive Profile NFTs, and Post.tech Profile gained significant user bases, signifying the increasing relevance of decentralized social media in the global landscape.

But does the emerging SocialFi landscape matter? Let’s find out:

Why Does SocialFi Matter?

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With SocialFi, users can access more data ownership and transparency, fostering increased engagement and content creation and more control over their digital assets within social networks than traditional Web2 social media. 

Apart from that, SocialFi has a variety of use cases.

For SocialFi Platforms

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  • Integration Across Applications: Seamless access to diverse blockchain services within a single platform streamlines user experience and accessibility.
  • Enhanced User Experience: SocialFi empowers users to monetize their contributions to social networks, creating a rewarding user experience.

For DeFi Projects

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  • Expanded User Base: By incorporating SocialFi elements, DeFi projects can access a broader user demographic, enhancing visibility and community outreach.
  • Improved Interactivity: Integrating social features within DeFi platforms promotes communication and collaboration among users, fostering a more engaged and interactive community.

For Social Networking Projects

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  • Diversifying Revenue Streams: SocialFi integration creates novel revenue opportunities, harnessing DeFi economies for valuable user-generated content.
  • Enhanced User Interaction: Issuance of social tokens fosters community involvement in platform governance, promoting deeper engagement and network participation.
  • Strengthened Security and Privacy: Leveraging decentralized infrastructure enhances security and privacy, offering improved data protection and identity management.

Now, let’s look at some of the decentralized social platforms that are making big names.

Noteworthy SocialFi Platforms and Their Growth

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Friend.tech: A Rising Decentralized Social Network

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Friend.tech offers a unique marketplace for users, allowing the buying and selling of keys associated with X accounts. The platform's distinctive features include private chat access, airdropped rewards, and fee sharing, fostering a competitive landscape for eager users.

Growth Trajectory: Despite initial concerns over its revenue model, Friend.tech has surged in popularity, amassing over 100,000 users and generating approximately $25 million within its first two weeks of launch. As of October 2, the platform's Total Value Locked (TVL) had exceeded 30,000 ETH, reflecting its remarkable growth within the decentralized social media sphere.

Friend.tech Cumulative Revenue (Source: Dune Analytics

Lens Protocol: Empowering Cross-Application Social Reputations

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Lens Protocol revolutionizes the concept of social reputation by providing users with a unified social graph across multiple applications, leveraging blockchain technology. The protocol's design facilitates seamless content and data portability across diverse platforms.

Notable Achievements: Lens Protocol has witnessed significant user traction, with monthly transactions surging to 4.2 million and a user count reaching 125,000 by February 2023. 

Monthly transactions and growth of users on Lens Protocol (Source: Delphi Digital)

CyberConnect: A Decentralized Social Graph Protocol with Robust Network Effects

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CyberConnect serves as a decentralized social graph protocol enabling users to create profiles anchored on the BNB Chain, ensuring seamless integration across various dApps. The platform emphasizes user data ownership, self-sovereignty, and network mobility, fostering a secure and dynamic social networking experience.

Recent Growth Milestones: With its native token CYBER experiencing a remarkable surge, CyberConnect has emerged as a dominant player in the Web3 social network domain, boasting a substantial market cap of $50 million. Its robust presence across the BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon underscores its ascent and growing user engagement.

CyberConnect 7-day Marketcap (Source: CoinGecko)

The Anticipated DeSo Token and Its Implications

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Despite the exponential growth of SocialFi projects, the awaited breakthrough of a dominant DeSo token remains elusive. The absence of a widely-recognized DeSo token has created a sense of anticipation within the crypto community, with users eagerly awaiting the emergence of a game-changing token that could redefine the decentralized social landscape.

While tokens like CYBER have gained substantial traction, their market presence is limited, indicating a need for a standout DeSo token.

For instance, the rise of the CYBER token on Binance in August 2023 marked a significant milestone in the quest for a successful DeSo token. Its rapid market cap growth, surpassing $113 million within two weeks of trading, indicates its appetite for a robust DeSo offering. With trading volumes surging to unprecedented levels, CYBER has positioned itself as a leading contender in the competitive DeSo market, capturing the attention of traders and enthusiasts alike.

Potential Impact of Airdrop Announcements

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DeSo token adoption could be fueled by a well-publicized airdrop or a token launch from Friend.tech or Lens Protocol in anticipation of a groundbreaking token. Past experiences have demonstrated the transformative power of airdrops, generating heightened user interest and catalyzing rapid platform growth. 

With the crypto community eagerly anticipating major developments, the announcement of a token release or an airdrop could serve as a catalyst for skyrocketing users and the realization of the long-awaited DeSo revolution.

Risks in the Evolving SocialFi Landscape

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While decentralized social platforms like FriendTech have the potential for exponential growth, sustained user adoption is crucial to their success. A shift in user sentiment or the departure of influential creators could potentially undermine the platform's value proposition, requiring a constant focus on fostering an engaged and vibrant user community.

Further, SocialFi platforms, like FriendTech, must prioritize robust security measures to safeguard against potential exploits that could compromise user data and platform integrity. 

The Ongoing Pursuit of DeSo in a Traditional Landscape

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Despite the promising strides made by decentralized social platforms, the DeSo ecosystem remains relatively small compared to its traditional social media counterparts. Current statistics reveal a notable contrast, with traditional platforms continuing to dominate user engagement and market share. There are 4.9 billion social media users globally, meaning 60.49 percent of the global population uses social media.

Source: Demandsage

Social media platform Twitter has 528 million users worldwide, while Friend.tech has 404,827 users, as per recent data

Clearly, decentralized social landscapes have a long way to go to become mainstream. While the decentralized landscape continues to evolve, integrating innovative features and enhanced user experiences may pave the way for a more formidable presence in the social media space, offering a compelling alternative to traditional paradigms.


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